Blossom Whitening Jelly Toner 150ml

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Key Features

Capacity: 150ML

Skin Type:

Normal  Combination  Dry  Sensitive 

What it is?

An effective, alcohol-free and fragrance-free facial jelly toner.

Solutions for:

Dryness  Rough texture  Irritation  Dullness

Dark spots and uneven skin tone

Main Ingredients:

Rosa Damascena Flower Water

Sakura Extract

Paeonia suffruticosa Root Extract

Scutellaria Baicalensis Extract

Saxifrage Sarmentosa Extract

Acetyl Tyrosine  

Arbutin & Glutathione & 3-Aminopropyl-l-  Ascobylphosphate

Chrysanthellum Indicum Flower Water


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